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Jan, 2020

NEB Pitching Clinics

Portsmouth Little League is partnering with NEB to deliver winter pitching clinics for interested players.  These clinics will help our pitchers develop good habits for throwing and arm care during the pre season.


Ages 8-12

Dates - Sundays February 9th – March 29th

3-4pm – 8-10 year olds

4-5pm – 11/12 year olds

Cost $160 per 8 week session

Sessions are limited for space so it is first come first served


While working with youth pitchers, it is not worth trying to break down their mechanics, because they just are not going to move like a professional pitcher. Instead we will get after their intent levels, while throwing to a target. This helps the body sync up better then trying to tell them what to do.


We will also increase throwing volume, so the kids will long toss, pulldowns, work with plyos, as well as throw off the mound. We will also implement a proper warm up, as it is scientifically proven that a proper warm up leads to higher velocities. After throwing is done we will then do arm care. Arm care is overlooked by many, but should be done after throwing daily to make sure the arm recovers in a proper way. As well as having the strength for the demands of throwing


Throwing Program

  • Week 1-2 – Build up Phase – Pitcher’s movements – Long toss – Mound work with plyos
  • Week 3-4 – Strengthening Phase – Long toss – mound plyos – mound pitching
  • Week 4-6 – Mound Fuse Phase – Long toss – Constraint drills on mound – Mound pitching
  • Week 7-8 – Mound Phase – Long Toss – Mound build up (pitch counts)


Link to Sign up:


Tommy’s Bio

Tommy graduated from  West Haven High School, CT who received numerous awards during his 4 years.  He was captain of his baseball team during his junior and senior year and helped led his team to a state championship in 2009.  He was named All-State team, All-Area MVP, and Connecticut All-SCC.  He also played a key role on the football team and was awarded All-Area Quarterback.

After high school, Tommy finished his college career at the University of Maine.  His high school reputation continued as Tommy was one of UMaine's captains and was named to the American East First team, the All-New England First team, New England Intercollegiate Baseball Association first team, along with being recognized as the American East Pitcher of the Year, ECAC Pitcher of the Year, and 3rd Team Louisville Slugger All-American. Tommy was also named New England Top Prospect in the Prestigious Cape Cod Baseball League in 2013.

After his senior year Tommy signed with the Tampa Bay Rays, he then finished his career pitching for the Rockland Boulders of the CanAm League. He played professional baseball for 4 years. Tommy has since studied the biomechanics of pitching mechanics, helping pitchers learn their kinetic chain. Adding this into knowing how to be a pitcher will only drive our pitchers to be the best that they can be.


Scholarships for need are available through PLL 


If you have questions or scholarship requests- please email Ken Avery @ [email protected]


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