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The expectations listed below represent required behaviors for all participants in the league [players, coaches, umpires] as well as all parents, guardians, and spectators.

It is part of the code that:

Board Members
1. Put the physical and emotional safety and welfare of the players first.
2. Make fiscally responsible decisions.
3. Know and follow the operating guidelines, rules, and regulations of Little League Baseball, Inc.
4. Gather input and consider all points of view when making decisions that affect the league.


1. Know and impartially apply the playing rules of LLB and PLL local rules.
2. Keep emotional/physical safety needs of the players as the most important part of the game.
3. Respond in a reasonable, controlled manner to questions from managers regarding rule interpretations.
4. Monitor and react fairly to inappropriate behavior.

Managers and Coaches:

1. Place the emotional/physical safety needs of the players first followed by instruction in baseball skills and how to play the game of baseball – both physically and mentally.
2. Recognize players for their efforts as well as their results.
3. Be fair in providing an opportunity for each player to participate fully in the game.
4. Keep the lines of communication open with parents; inform them of schedules changes.
5. Conduct a pre-season parent meeting each year.
6. Question umpires in a reasonable, controlled fashion when an issue or instance occurs that requires a rule interpretation; project an image of respect for the game and its rules by setting a good example.
7. Know the playing rules of LLB and PLL local rules.
8. Obtain required training and certifications.
9. Review all player medical releases and know how to basic administer first aid.

1. Remember that it is a privilege and not a right to play Little League baseball; do the things that are required at home, at school, and by your manager so that you can enjoy this privilege.
2. Come to each game and practice with a winning attitude and the desire to do your best at each position, each at-bat, and with every play.
3. Remain in the dugout from the start of the game until the game has ended and all equipment has been stored and the dugout cleaned. Only leave the dugout with permission of a coach.
4. Listen to the manager, coach, umpire, and league officials.
5. Respect your teammates and support them as they learn and play the game.
6. Avoid bullying whether verbal, physical, or by exclusion at all times while participating in team practices, games, or off-site activities. Tell a coach if you or a teammate is being bullied.
7. Be in full uniform for all games and follow the Little League baseball dress code – show respect for your sport (no jewelry, caps on correctly, shirts tucked in, socks showing team colors, athletic supporter/sliding pants (for boys).
8. Eat a healthy meal prior to games and practices. There is to be no food (including candy) in the dugout.
9. Follow the rules.

1. Recognize that Little League baseball is a game that has its focus not on winning but on learning and living in a winning way; remember it is our children who are on the field – it is their experience and their game.
2. Fulfill volunteer and fiscal responsibilities to the league.
3. Know and adhere to all local rules, especially No dogs, smoking, alcohol or inappropriate language at game sites.
4. Voice concerns to the Board in a constructive fashion and help with the things that can be done to enhance our children’s playing experience.
5. Remember that managers, coaches, league officials, and umpires are volunteering their time and talent to the league. Don’t criticize or challenge their decision – especially umpire judgment calls – unless you are willing to “walk in their shoes”.
6. Stay away from the dugout area and pursuant to Little League rules do not engage in conversation with the players unless permitted by the manager [Rule 3.09].
7. Be sure that your child is ready to practice and play: his/her uniform is clean and complete, he/she has eaten, his/her equipment is safe, he/she is wearing required safety equipment (athletic supporter if boy, cup if catcher, safety glasses, mouth guards, sunscreen, helmet) and he/she has a winning attitude.
8. Label your child’s name on all of his/her clothing and equipment.
9. Communicate with the manager when your child will miss a practice or game with as much lead time as possible. Coaches fully understand that life is busy but timely communication for tardiness or absences helps the coach with team preparation so that players get the most from practices and games.
10. Read, sign, and adhere to the PLL Code of Conduct.

Code Violations:
Coaches will take the following actions when a player violates the Code of Conduct.
1. Have a private discussion with the player on the behavior found to be in violation and request the player to acknowledge the violation and apologize as appropriate. If the coach and where appropriate offended person are satisfied the violation has been properly addressed no further action will be taken.
2. If the violation is severe or the player does not acknowledge the violation the coach will assess a strike penalty as described below:
Strike penalties will be documented in the team notebook and shared with the division VP within 24 hours of the strike assessment.
a. Strike 1: player, parent/guardian, and division VP will be notified, and the consequence may include, but is not limited to:
i. Running/walking laps before, during, or after practice or after games
ii. Limited participation in practice [time-out]
iii. Minimum mandatory playing time for up to 2 games iv. Fewer options for playing a desired position during practices and games

b. Strike 2:
2-strike single violation or accumulating 2 strikes during the season includes any of the above plus:
i. Removal from practice for one or more practices
ii. Loss of 1 or more mandatory full game participations
iii. Ineligible for post season play on a district team

c. Strike 3: 3-strike single violation or the accumulation of 3 strikes during the season includes any of the above plus: i. Petition by the manager for removal of the player from the team


Statement of Understanding
By my/our submitting our names below I/we indicate that we have reviewed the Code of Conduct and will review the Local Rules either in written or online form. I/We understand the Code of Conduct of the league for players and parents as well as the consequences as described in the 3-Strike Violation policy for unacceptable behavior.

I/We understand that NO dogs are permitted at the game or practice sites and that any form of tobacco [cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, chew, etc] and alcohol are prohibited by Little League International at game and practice sites.

I/We understand that Board members, team coaches, and umpires are volunteering and strive to provide the best experience possible for my child and his/her team. As such I/we will strive to refrain from criticizing and will avoid profane language at all times when at the game or practice site. My submission of the form below acknowledges that I have read this form in its entirety.   

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